die-katze-mutter asked:

Hi i saw you playing music outside Gem and jam I was the girl with the flower eyes I just wanted to say you're music is beautiful!!

Wow, hi yes, I remember your flower eyes! If your traveling I’m sure our paths will cross again (: Check out Ramblers Home on facebook for free downloadable music and band info!

Venice Beach was just like you see in the movies. Loved all the activity; roller disco, skateboarding, musicians singing, and artists sculpting and painting. Everything was expensive, ended up grabbing burgers (mine vegi) and a bottle of wine and listened to the drum circle on the beach. First time seeing the Pacific Coast, even stuck my feet in the water, although now I’m probably radioactive. 

So at Umpqua Hot Springs we made a friend, who took us to the farm he works at where there were Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I instantly fell in love with them and helped walk them over to the garden. I was disappointed to find out neither was female (no goat milk or cheese) but had no idea how beneficial the little men where with the farm. They’re the best composters and lawn mowers! *photo credit Ryan Sullivan